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21.6 Million Dollar verdict in traumatic brain injury case in Los Angeles

21.6 Million Dollar verdict in traumatic brain injury case in Los Angeles

Haytham Faraj and Nick Rowley secured a remarkable victory on May 2nd, 2016, in Santa Monica Superior Court, Los Angeles County, in the case of Danielle Sinclair Laws v. Andrew Chen. The jury awarded a staggering $21.6 million verdict after a six-week trial and four days of deliberations. The case stemmed from a collision between the plaintiff, who was riding a moped, and a Range Rover on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

The trial featured over 40 witnesses, including more than 30 expert witnesses who testified about traumatic brain injury, orthopedic injuries, economic losses, and the lifelong consequences of traumatic brain injury. Despite the defendant driver accepting fault and responsibility, the insurance companies who hired defense lawyers in the case refused to settle and instead raised frivolous defenses. Their refusal to accept a fair offer of settlement over four years ago led to their defeat in court.

As a result, the insurance companies AAA and RLI, who staunchly refused to provide a reasonable settlement, will now be required to pay 10% interest on the entire amount of the verdict over the last four years. The final judgment is anticipated to exceed Thirty Million Dollars, serving as a powerful reminder of the consequences of negligence and the importance of fair settlements.