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$250,000 verdict in Long Beach CA

$250,000 verdict in Long Beach CA

On Wednesday August 31, 2016, a Long Beach jury returned a $250,000 verdict for a woman who suffered an injury to her neck when she was rear ended by a driver on the 105 Freeway. The case was tried by trial lawyers Mauro Fiori, Nicholas Rowley and Haytham Faraj. The plaintiff presented expert testimony by a neuroradiologist, an orthopedist and an accident reconstruction expert to demonstrate to the jury how even a low impact rear end auto accident can result in injury to the driver in the lead vehicle.

The defendant's insurance company AAA hired the firm of Ford Walker also of Long Beach who vigorously defended the insurance company's interests while they made the responsible driver sit in the courtroom for the entire trial hoping the jury would believe the theater that the real defendant is the driver and not the insurance company. After four days of evidence and several hours of deliberation the jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff in the amount of $250,000. The best offer from the AAA before trial was $100,000.

Haytham Faraj said we decided to take this case to trial even though the value appeared low by comparison to other trials we have tried. By trying even relatively lower value cases, AAA and its defense firm were being told that we are willing to try even lower value cases unless insurance companies make meaningful offers. During trial our client was impeached when she failed to remember another recent accident that she did not disclose in sworn interrogatories. Although she did not report an injury from the previous auto accident, the failure to disclose it a sworn document hurt her credibility and lowered the the jury's damages award, according to jurors that we spoke to. Nonetheless, even with an impeached client and a case with soft tissue injuries, we still beat the offer by a substantial amount. The defense will also have to pay trial expenses and costs of trial.

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