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What is Lane Splitting?

What is Lane Splitting?

Every state has its own motorcycle laws. This applies to laws pertaining to helmets, lane splitting, extensive requirements for a motorcycle license, and more. More states are strict than others. One of the most popular and controversial motorcycle laws involves lane splitting. While many states forbid lane-splitting, California is less stringent. 

Lane-splitting occurs when a motorcyclist drives between lanes of moving cars that are moving in the same direction. Lane splitting is very common among motorcyclists, especially in California. In California, lane splitting is not illegal, but there also isn’t any law surrounding it. Currently, the general “suggestion” for lane splitting in California is to make sure you never lane split between cars that are going over 30 mph or more than 10 mph faster than the vehicles you are splitting. 

Even though laws surrounding lane-splitting are less stringent in California, motorcyclists must still follow the rules of the road.

There are many lane-splitting tips that motorcyclists should practice, especially in states where the laws are less stringent, like California, such as:

Recognizing that lane-splitting is more dangerous when done at higher speeds

It’s safest to split between the lanes that are furthest to the left on roads with three lanes or more

Avoid lane-splitting near large vehicles, such as tractor-trailers and buses

Stay visible and avoid lingering in other drivers’ blind spots

Wear bright or reflective clothing and use high beams in the daytime

While lane-splitting isn’t considered the safest way for motorcyclists to travel, when done, it’s important for motorcyclists to avoid traveling more than 10 mph faster than surrounding traffic. Additionally, researchers believe motorcyclists should avoid lane-splitting when traffic is exceeding 30 mph.

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